Why You Need Pet Insurance

affordable pet insurance for your red pitbull dog

Along with good food, lots of love, collars, leashes, a nice bed, and a safe home to sleep – pet insurance, especially for Pit Bulls, has become a part of a pet owner’s shopping list. It is a must have and something that should not be overlooked for both new and veteran pet owners. I will go over a few reasons and considerations as to why veterinarian insurance is so important and much needed.

The Reasons Why Your Pet Needs Pet Insurance

Pitbulls are a very active breed, not to mention mischievous – especially as pups. They are the Houdinis of the dog world, bolting out the door in a flash. They play with rocks, sticks, cats, birds, and other dogs. They learn to climb fences and maneuver our of indoor crates when mom and dad are not home. As fun loving and unique as these quirks are, they are things that can get them into a lot of trouble. Any of these can potentially lead to an injury to your Pit Bull – puppy or adult. Your pet can easily swallow a rock or portion of a stick and get a life threatening and sometimes fatal (without surgery) intestinal obstruction. Escaping a yard or home can lead being struck by an automobile. Being loose from a crate while mom and dad are not home can lead to curiosity – ingesting of poisonous or toxic substances. There are just so many things that can happen with this breed. All of which are almost always not affordable in the event of an emergency. Vet expenses can reach into the thousands, with time not being on the pet owner’s side. Pet insurance can potentially save your dog pr puppy’s life.

What Does Pet Insurance Cover Typically?

Hereditary Conditions
Congenital Conditions
Chronic Conditions
Diagnostic Treatment
X-Rays, Blood Tests, Ultrasounds
Prescription Medications
Emergency Care
Specialty Care
Alternative Treatment
End of Life Care
(For this breed, accidents I would rank as number one!)

Choosing A Pet Insurance Policy

When comparing and choosing pet insurance for your Pit Bull, consider also the overall health of your dog. His behaviors and curiosity, all of his quirks. Choose a policy that covers the things you feel your dog is at risk of the most.



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