Huge Red Nose Pitbull Great Balls of Fire

Huge Red Nose

Check out Matthew Meredith‘s Huge Red Nose Pit Great Balls of Fire! This dog is huge and has to be one of the biggest red nose pitbulls on the planet. From the looks of it this dog may even be bigger then The Hulk Pitbull. Either way this dog is badass, no doubt about that, not many people can say they have seen a pitbull this big let alone own one of them.

Huge Red Nose Pitbull Designer Dogs are Here to Stay!

What ever you call them XL Bull , XL Bully or XL & XXL Pitbulls people want these huge dogs for their farms, yards and their homes for protection of the family and protection for their farm animals so no coyote’s or other predators come in to kill the farm animals. They sell for big money up into the 10k range for Hulk Puppies but we have seen them lesser around the 5k range from other xl red pitbull breeders. If you want one of these huge beasts then you will have to pay the price because not many people have them.



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