The Biggest Red Pitbull on Earth ” The Hulk Pitbull “

The Hulk pitbull is the Largest red pitbull on earth! He is well over 180 lbs and also has a great temperament around his family. The hulk is a fully trained protection and service dog, thats pretty cool if think about it, not only is he the most known pitbull in the world, he also has other things under his belt. These Huge Pitbulls are very popluar at the moment and go for big money by people with deep pockets wanting to have one of the newest designer dogs out. A litter sired by The Hulk just sold for $500,000.

The Hulk Pitbull is the Most Famous Red

0There is no doubt in my mind that The Hulk has to be the most famous red pitbull in the world. He has been on TV shows such as The View , Good Morning America and plenty of other mainstream media sites. When they first gave The Hulk the media attention, Social media was buzzing with stories of the Hulk and he became a household name overnight. Now, almost every person in the world has heard of The Hulk and know who he is. There are even fan sites made about him such as Hulk Pitbull that goes over a lot of information just about him and others like him. There is no doubt in my mind that we haven’t heard the last about The Hulk, being the most famous red and possibly the most known over all pitbull in the world.



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