Welcome to the Red Nose Pitbulls page. This page was created for the lovers, owners, and enthusiasts of Red Nose Pitbulls. This is a powerful, magnificent breed of dog with an eye catching color. The coloring of this dog alone makes a statement of the beauty, strength, and drive of this breed. And if you have owned or met a Red Pit, you know that there is no other dog quite like it in the world. So it is no wonder we all admire this marvelous breed. I cannot express how amazing these dogs are. Not just in the looks department, but also personality, drive, function, and intelligence.

The Red Nose Pit Comes in Many Different Sizes

Red Nose PitbullThe Red Nose Pit can come in many different sizes these days, anywhere from 45 lbs up to 180 lbs. Although many people may disagree with some of the bigger reds being real red nose pits, but many many people do not care and want these huge designer dogs nonetheless. There have been many breeders such as Jeff Benenson who has been breeding xl red pits for some time now and he has produced some very nice xl working dogs.

Red Nose Pitbulls surprisingly come from almost any bloodline of APBT. However, there are a handful of bloodlines such as Colby that do not typically produce the rednose and red coat. In addition, Amstaff typically do not throw the red nose and red coat. So, the coloring would not commonly be seen in AKC either. Although this coat and nose coloring can be observed from an abundance of bloodlines, there are bloodlines that do not produce any other coloring than this. We will talk about bloodlines a bit more in detail on another topic.

hulk pitbullProbably one of the most famous reds in the entire world has also been dubbed the world’s largest Pitbull. The Hulk Pitbull went viral due to his sheer (massive size) and gentle charm. He was produced by Pitbull breeders Dark Dynasty. To this day his name and photo are known in almost every home, even beyond the United States. There is no other Red Pitbull in history to have such recognition as Hulk. This boy’s bloodlines consist of DDK and among others, Whopper. The Hulk is a colossal among all red noses out there. He recently sired a litter of Pitbull puppies, and his litter sold for a whopping $500,000. I think he won the spot for the most famous red.

The Rednose Dog Breed and Bloodlines

sleepy puppy with rednose bloodlinesOne of the most renowned rednose bloodlines isn’t actually a bloodline per say. It is a strain. We have all probably heard of the strain called Old Family Red Nose (also referred to as OFRN). Some refer to this strain as Old Country Red as well. There is a misconception that the term Rednose is a back yard breeder (BYB) term mislabeling the color as a bloodline or breed. Rather, many times when this term is being thrown around the breeder is referring to the classic strain of OFRN. The origins of Old Family Reds date back to the 1900’s with the strain of dogs produced by William J. Lighter. These red coated, red nosed dogs made it to American during the times of Irish immigration onto American soil. Dan McCoy carried on the strain created by Lightner.

The continuation and breeding of this strain was soon directed by Bob McCoy, L.C. Owens, Buck Moon, and Arthur Harvey. Lighter was cited to be the first to refer to these dogs as Old Family Reds. You can check out the Pitbull Breed Standards at Finest Dog Breeders website.